Hi I am Anthony Trucks, President of Trucks Training. When I think back to my early days as an athlete I can vividly remember all the struggles I had to over come. I was lacking confidence, I was weak and skinny, uncoordinated, slow, sloppy, out of shape, and the list could go on. Over the years I learned how develop my skill out of sheer drive and determination. I worked harder than I knew I was capable of and born of that work ethic was the amazing blessing of being able to earn a college scholarship and eventually the ability to play at the highest level in the world of my sport in the NFL. I had to battle a multitude of life struggles and injuries along the way but I look back in warm appreciate of my struggle that made me who I am today. Why do I tell you this? Because that passion has been molded to fit my current career in the sports and fitness training world where I strive to develop the most successful athletes possible. I want to be able to have one of my athletes someday surpass any accolades I accomplished in my playing days. I can PROMISE my goal is to make my athletes better or BUST!

I have developed a unique way of delivering upon that promise. While in college I earned a degree in Kinesiology and that education paired with my experience in playing sports allows me to develop individualized training programs for YOU, the athlete looking to take their game to the next level. These programs have proven to be very successful over the last 10 years with thousands of athletes in every sport you can think of. My team and I can provide the right training program for YOU!


These programs can develop all the necessary needs of any athlete:

  • Teach you how to:
    • Gain flexibility and mobility
    • Strength
    • Endurance
    • Speed
    • Agility
    • Power
  • Give you the physical traits that will clearly set you apart from the rest of the athletes fighting for the same spot
  • Prepare you for either a life in sports or a life of health far beyond college



There are multiple ways you can take advantage of receiving all hose results and more by taking part in any one of the programs we offer at Trucks Training. At Trucks Training we offer personal training and group sports training. In personal training we offer Small Group Training and Private Training. In the group training aspect we provide classes by sport, as well as an all encompassing sports training program called the “Elite Athlete Program”. We also provide team training for teams and leagues, as well as program design options for accomplished athletes just looking for the right guidance to achieve their goals. Where there is a will there is a way. Contact us today to get the process started to becoming the best athlete you can be with our help.