Group Fitness Classes

Group training is exactly as it sounds, training in a group setting. We have many different group training classes. So check out our programs and see what great classes we have to offer!

Adult Fitness

This is a back to the basics high intensity fitness program that burns fat through sports oriented exercises using medicine balls, bands, physio balls, cone drills, and many more, while building lean muscle mass through strength training.

Cardio Kickboxing/Boxing

Is a martial art and combat sport in which two people engage in contest of strength reflexes and endurance. You will learn the basics of hand and eye coordination, feet work, stance, and basic boxing combinations. Various amounts of punches, angles, head, body and feet movement. In the process of doing this great sport you will feel your body change for the better, as well as creating a great level of fitness and cardiovascular endurance.
Is a combat sports based on both punching and kicking developed from the martial arts of karate, Muay Thai and boxing. The class would consist of a cardio vascular warm-up involving both plyometric and isometric positions and then leading into combinations and impact training. It is often practiced for self-defense, fitness, and elite combat training.

Early Bird Boot Camp

A high intensity class of various movements done through interval training.  In this class, you will improve your cardiovascular, flexibility, agility and muscle stamina.



The TRX fitness system is ideal, but not limited, for those who would rather not lift weights. TRX fitness training uses the trainee’s body weight as resistance to reach their fitness or training goal.Using body weight acts as a trainees own weight adjuster, feet placement can increase or decrease amount of body resistance used in the different exercises. TRX fitness is a great for any level of fitness training for any one trying to increase core strength as well as balance. Women’s Strength TrainingWomen’s Strength Training is a 1-hour class that teaches women how to weight train. Proper technique, optimal training methods, female weight training myths, and spotting and safety skills are just a few items that are covered in this class. Weight training is necessary for achieving that “toned and tight” look that so many women crave. Without muscle, there is no way to look firm and fit. Come get a challenging workout while learning how to get the body you see in the fitness magazines!Build a ButtIts here!! The class that everyone is asking for. Build A Butt focuses on glutes, hips, lower back, thighs, and abs. This class is designed to shape, tone, and create that summer time ready body.