Anthony Trucks


Trucks Training was created by Anthony Trucks. Anthony Trucks is a local former NFL athlete who came back to train other athletes. Anthony spent time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Washington Redskins, and The 2008 Super Bowl Winning Pittsburgh Steelers before his career was cut short due to a shoulder injury. What makes Anthony and Trucks Training the best forĀ the job is that he is an educated former athlete who started training others with the proper training knowledge. Anthony earned a degree focused in biology, anatomy, and human physiology because he respects .

Anthony also holds, and speaks for, the highly regarded C.S.C.S. certification which is held by all of the best coaches and trainers in the world. On top of that he also holds the International Youth Conditioning Associations certifications as a speed and agility specialist, youth fitness specialist, and youth nutrition specialist. He is a national speaker for the health and fitness industry, he is a published author, has spoken for multi-million dollar companies, and has been featured in major national publications as well. This gives Anthony not only the experience of playing at the highest level in the world for his sport, but the unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the body and mind as it relates to all aspects of sports and fitness.

Growing up Anthony endured a lot of hardships from the age of 3 on. He was placed in foster care, bounced around the state of California, was physically emotionally and mentally abused, held out of sports until 14 years old, adopted by an all white family which created new dynamics at a young age, and MUCH more. What makes him unique is that he made a decision early on in life to accept Christ into his life and use all the negative experiences in his life for reasons to do well instead of reason to be a failure in life. Anthony has stated that his goal in life is to make others lives better by his actions. He is a walking testament to what daily hard work and dedication to a cause can accomplish in your life. It does not matter where you start that depicts where you finish….its where you finish.

Do you seek the positive changes in life that you know you are capable of achieving? Are you tired of the way you look and/or feel daily from lack of being able to muster what it takes to achieve your goals? You are not alone, and Anthony has helped hundreds if not thousands of people get there.

Anthony always asks people what it is they TRULY want out of life, and no matter the answer the physical body is a direct tie to that accomplishment. Whether you want to be successful in a physical sport or just at your every day desk job you need to have a healthy strong body to operate at your highest level.

So what are you waiting for now? What is stopping you from clicking the contact us button above and getting started on your journey to a better healthier you?Your time is NOW!



Anthony’s client list contains athletes from multiple different NFL teams as well as professional baseball and soccer players. When it comes to weight loss and overall fitness no one compares to his ability to formulate and design guaranteed programs aimed at his clients goals. If you are tired of looking around with uncertainty of who is the best to train either you, your child, or someone you know, then look no further, Trucks Training is where you belong. A real gym created for real results.